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SiteZone Safety


SiteZone Safety are specialists in managing the risk of plant to pedestrian collisions. The SiteZone proximity warning system has been successfully installed thousands of times and is adopted across a wide range of industries.
The SiteZone proximity warning system alerts both the pedestrian and the driver using vibration, audio, and visual alerts. It produces a detection zone around a vehicle, machine, or restricted area. Detection zones can be varied depending on the site and vehicle requirements. When the detection zone is breached by someone wearing a SiteZone tag the machine operator is alerted and can take appropriate action.
SiteZone are taking proximity warning to the next level by applying the data gained from usage to change the way people behave and make lasting changes on-site to improve safety. At Futureworx, SiteZone will demonstrate how you can use data to improve awareness and change behaviours of personnel working around plant, integrating with your existing site safety protocols.

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